I value and respect the PhD ceremony and its meaning, and I appreciate the time and effort that everyone involved has put into it. But I also think that science as an institution has a playful and creative side, and that by its nature some moments of the actual defence part can be a bit boring for those of the public who do not happen to be in the same research field. Therefore I created a PhD bingo card generator, using words that might come up during the whole defence ceremony. If it fits you: Enjoy it!

Rules: this bingo is much like the US/Dutch/German etc. type of bingo, rather than the UK type. The card contains words. If a word (or any of its conjugations) is used by anyone during the defence, mark it. The winner is the person who completes the first marked line: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Unfortunatly, this is a low-tech bingo: you will have to download and print a paper copy to use it.

Download your personal bingocard as pdf

Nb: the code for this project is based on https://github.com/jennybc/bingo